TSchool which means Theatre School, that was founded by Prashant, is a drama school in the real sense of the term. Till now, I have been coming as a trainer/guide for every batch. Along with detailed training of theatre studies as an academic discipline, the students here, are also given the knowledge of music and dance. Due to this, these students are emerging as talented artists who have thorough knowledge of theatre. As this institute takes only a limited number of students, each student can be given complete attention. I am sure that any student who has received training from TSchool will prove to be a very talented artist.

Suresh Khare

Many people conduct short-term theatre workshops, but full-fledged courses that cover all aspects of theatre or dramatics are quite rare. With the able guidance of an experienced artist like Prashant Damle, students of TSchool are on the right path towards being good artists. Moreover, TSchool does not give the students, false promises of providing them with opportunities to work in a commercial play or film. Along with theatre studies, the students here are also given training in music and dance.

Purshottam Berde

Seeing TSchool students demonstrate their skills in drama, music and dance, I have come to understand the uniqueness of this institute. This initiative by Prashant, once again proves that he does no compromise on quality. I am sure that TSchool will contribute to the making of many brilliant artists in the future.


Attracted to the glamour that surrounds the acting career, millions of people dream to make a mark in this field, but lacking proper guidance, many of them lose track and their dreams are shattered. However, Prashant's TSchool is training students in theatre studies and allied art forms, and directing them on the right path. Undoubtedly, students of TSchool will be some of the most disciplined artists of the future, as this institute is not only giving excellent training in theatre studies, but also inculcating good values like discipline and orderliness in the students.

Sharad Ponkshe

While acting in Marathi theatre, your looks, makeup, backstage work, and music, come later. The most important factor that comes first, is your command over the Marathi language. For this, some of the essential and the most crucial qualities are clean speech or good pronunciation, understanding of the language, and good memorization or being able to speak from memory. It gives me pleasure to see that the training given at TSchool is focussed on these aspects.

Kavita Medhekar

TSchool is an excellent training institute for children who really wish to build a career in the field of theaeer acting. The training provided at TSchool blends quality and discipline, due to which the students here are emerging as excellent artists.

Subosh Bhave

If someone asks me what should be done in order to act in Marathi theatre, I would recommend TSchool. This institute is complete in itself as the training provided here includes all the aspects of acting as well as values like orderliness and discipline which are equally important to be a good artist. I sincerely thank the faculty members of TSchool and the founder Prashant Damle, for this wonderful initiative.

Prasad Oak

Many people say that the Marathi industry today is lacking new talent, but when I came to TSchool, I found that students of this institute will prove this perception wrong. Even today, there are many institutes that claim to provide training in theatre studies or dramatics, but most of them are just namesake. The students of TSchool will prove with their own example that this institute stands out from the rest, as it provides the best training in acting.

Santosh Pawar

The most important quality of TSchool is that it does not make false claims or give false promises to the students. Taking training at TSchool can help you reflect on yourself. The students here should consider themselves fortunate because Prashant Damle himself trains them. Age is not a criterion to be a student at this institute. TSchool, I believe, will definitely help students in getting good opportunities in acting.

Sunil Barve

At TSchool, students get the opportunity to learn acting, music, and dance at the same place. Music and dance are artforms that complement acting and also help in the personality development of students. I wish the students of TSchool all the best for their future.

Ashok Patki

The students of TSchool are getting the advantage of Prashant Damle's experience in acting. This acting institute founded by Prashant Damle is important for the film industry as well. I will surely give students of TSchool an opportunity in one of my upcoming films.

Satish Rajwade

The training provided at TSchool can help the students acquire all the skills that a good actor should have. It helps the students hone their skills in acting as well as music and dance, due to which they gain the confidence to perform these artforms on stage. Disciplined training and very good faculty members, are some of the important features of TSchool.

Mayur Vaidya