Weekly Batch Details

We train and groom our students in not just acting, but other complementary art forms like vocal music and dance as well.

Syllabus: 324 Hours

Types of Acting: Verbal, Body Language (Verbal Theatre, Physical Theatre)
Verbal Theatre: Formation of words and musical notes
Chanting of Omkar and Bhraamari: Importance and Uses

Impactful reading, applying thought to what is read, and comprehending it, clarity in speech and pronunciation, changing the pitch of one's voice as required
Four Important Things in Conversation: Dialogue delivery, Semantic difference, Mental state, Variations
Reading a passage, memorizing it, and reading out of memory in one's own way

Physical Theatre (Body Language): The use of one's face, hands, legs, and body while acting

Analysis of written dialogues, content, screenplay, and script

Improvisation or impromptu, episode drama, open theatre, street play

Development and grooming of the hidden talent and skills of the students.

ह्याशिवाय आणखी काही.....

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While acting, every sentence is spoken with a certain rhythm, at a particular pitch, and with the right use of body language. Students will be given the basic knowledge of dance which is necessary to improve the body's flexibility. It's mandatory for the students to take this training.
Students will be given the knowledge of musical notes and a basic understanding of how to modulate the voice effectively. It's mandatory for the students to take this training.
After the completion of this course, the students will be provided with a big auditorium and given the opportunity to perform their art before a large audience.