Dear Friends,

anywhere in the world and in any language if you want take up acting, mastering the language is a must.

Considering that the amount of reading has reduced and conversing with friends and colleagues has been multilingual in most Indian cities. It has become really difficult to master any language for the new generation.

The field of acting means fame, name, glamour, money for many, but that is not so….it requires a lot of hardwork, continuous improvement, adopting to change and along with that vocal intonation , physical flexibility , creativity, pronunciation and clarity, style and body language and many more aspects have to be addressed .....

This syllabus is closely related to performances in Marathi/ Hindi fims, TV serials and dance and music reality shows and professional theater as well. Hence the institute is named T-School.

The whole purpose of T-school is to train the new generation, arriving on the theater, in nuances of language as well as acting.

ह्या "T-School" मधून शिकणाऱ्या कलावंताना अभिनयाशी संबंधित सर्व क्षेत्रांची ओळख करून दिली जाईल ज्यामुळे त्यांच्या आत्मविश्वासाला एक नवे परिमाण मिळेल.

Best wishes to all the future artists

- प्रशांत दामले.

Why T-School ?

The curriculum at T-School is designed by Mr. Prashant Damale who has created a world record from his variety and depth of acting career on Marathi stage for last 30 years.

How is T-School different …

Even for taking admission in a weekly course batch, the student has to face an audition. She is evaluated on her qualities and updated before starting the course. During the course , the training tries to irradiate the shortcomings of the student.

Acting manifests out of practice. Hence a lot of focus and hard work into building daily practice routines and discipline to master the art and craft of acting .

The well rounding and development of the personality is possible due to identifying the hidden talent in the student and positive as well as in-depth coaching that she receives at expert hands..

Accommodating fellow artists and working together to enhance each others’ performance is a challenge that one learns to practice here since play is a team job.

Every individual is unique and is coached as one at T-School

Building confidence of the student over a period happens automatically as students are exposed to all the aspects of facets of art and artists’ life during this course.